5,000 tonnes of CO₂e (CS14)


  • 44-hectare mixed native woodland located in Argyll and Bute
  • Project is a flagship example of ecologically-motivated farm diversification.
  • Native tree species provides the basis for a recovery of the natural ecosystems.
  • Project duration - 100 years

The woodland comprises a balanced mix of Scots pine (19% of the total area), birch (20%), rowan (32%), hazel (5%), alder (32%), and willow (9%). The alder and willow are well suited to the damper areas of ground, especially at the site’s northern end. The Scots pine, being native to the area, is amply equipped to withstand the rugged climate.


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Pending Issuance Unit: A promise to deliver a Woodland Carbon Unit during a given period, based on the trees’ predicted growth Woodland Carbon Unit: A ton of carbon dioxide which has been sequestered in a scheme verified under the Woodland Carbon Code