Rules, Compliance and Eligibility

The Woodland Carbon Code is backed by the government and operated by the Forestry Commission. Its users must comply fully with its strict rules of use so that we all have confidence in the woodlands it creates and the emissions it offsets

The Highest Standards in Carbon Offsetting

The Woodland Carbon Code is backed by the government and its implementation is overseen by the Forestry Commission. Woodland Carbon Units, which have been validated and verified under the Code, therefore set the highest standards of credibility and reliability in the market for carbon offsets.

The Code has established this high level of trust through a series of rigorous checks and inspections which all woodland projects undergo during their application process. CarbonStore will provide landowners with all the necessary advice they need.

Our Wholehearted Endorsement

All Woodland Carbon Units generated by WCC-approved schemes must not only follow these rules but also adhere to UK Forestry Standards following a clear system of standards, checks and audits.

CarbonStore and our partners fully support the Woodland Carbon Code’s efforts in this regard and already work to these standards. We will gladly help you with all administrative and regulatory matters regarding the Woodland Carbon Code.


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Pending Issuance Unit: A promise to deliver a Woodland Carbon Unit during a given period, based on the trees’ predicted growth Woodland Carbon Unit: A ton of carbon dioxide which has been sequestered in a scheme verified under the Woodland Carbon Code