Maelor Forest Nurseries

Maelor Forest Nurseries Ltd is renowned for the quality of its genetic research in its onsite laboratory which enhances tree resilience and improves tree health. Its nursery produces an extensive range of native broadleaf and commercial forestry species, marketing over 35 million UK grown trees every year. Each tree is the product of the finest tree seeds which are themselves the result of Maelor’s extensive in-house knowledge and research.

Maelor Forest Nurseries

We know our trees inside out, literally. We are renowned for the quality of our genetics research, aiding tree resilience, improving tree health and helping ensure the best quality from our trees. We believe in home-grown trees from the seed produced in our own seed orchards through to the saplings ready to plant in the ground.

About Maelor

Maelor Forest Nurseries Ltd is part of the BSW Group. The nursery produces an extensive range of commercial forestry and native broadleaf species, marketing in excess of 35 million UK grown trees a year to customers throughout the UK and Europe. We are currently in the exciting process of expanding to meet the demands of an increasingly high demand for quality home-grown trees.

Our investment in our new state-of-the-art laboratory with our own team of scientists highlights our dedication to the provision of cutting-edge research into the benefits of genetic improvement for commercial tree species. The trees grown in our nursery are of the highest efficacy. We stand firm in our ethos of not importing trees into the country in order to prevent tree disease and to maintain our unparalleled standard of service to our customers.


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Pending Issuance Unit: A promise to deliver a Woodland Carbon Unit during a given period, based on the trees’ predicted growth Woodland Carbon Unit: A ton of carbon dioxide which has been sequestered in a scheme verified under the Woodland Carbon Code