Helping your business to neutralise its emissions and make a long-term commitment to your climate change goals through the highest standards in woodland creation and management.

Creating Woodlands to Neutralise Carbon

CarbonStore works in partnership with Tilhill, the leaders in creating and managing UK woodlands, and Maelor Forest Nurseries, the UK’s most progressive commercial tree producer. Together, we cultivate the finest trees, sowing the seeds, planting the trees and tending their growth so that we realise their greatest potential. Since 1948, we have planted 1 billion trees – and we’re still counting…”

Benefiting Society through Woodland Creation

The benefits of woodland creation extend well beyond mitigating climate change and we are here to help you maximise these. From supporting national charities to assisting local schools and neighbouring communities, we will help you share the benefits of your woodland creation as widely as possible.

We can guide you every step of the way to:


Select Your Project

  • Decide on the individual aspects of your scheme.
  • Find the project which best matches your needs.
  • Contact us to discuss the next steps.

Collaborate with the Landowner

  • We help you develop your woodland ideas.
  • We facilitate discussions with the landowner.
  • We help with the legal agreements.

Finalise the Transaction

  • We guide you to exchange PIUs or WCUs.
  • We organise the registration of the PIUs/WCUs.
  • You then have legal rights to promote your carbon story.

Share the Benefits

  • We help you share the benefits of your newly created woodlands.
  • We can arrange educational tours our professional foresters.
  • We are perfectly placed to organise planting days to showcase your woodland.

Frequently Asked Questions

The development of the Woodland Carbon Code should be a force for universal good, bringing huge benefits for you, for the countryside, for people living in our towns and cities and for our environment. However, these rewards will only be realised if the Woodland Carbon Code is implemented properly.

Prices for woodland carbon must be fair and reasonable. Woodlands must be planted and managed by skilled and qualified operators so that the trees grow strong and healthy. We must help people to appreciate and enjoy all that woodlands, nature and the countryside can offer. Everyone, including CarbonStore, will benefit when we achieve these goals. Our interests are the same as yours.

The “Carbon Opportunities” page on our website provides a comprehensive list of woodland creation projects with PIUs or WCUs available for sale. Each scheme is different in size, location, biodiversity characteristics, species mix, access rights and price.

Companies purchasing woodland carbon units have different requirements. The range and variety of “Carbon Opportunities” enables you to select the scheme which best fits your needs. CarbonStore and Tilhill have wide-ranging contacts among private and public sector landowners who use our website to advertise their carbon-related planting schemes.

We operate a wholly transparent sales process allowing companies and landowners to agree a mutually acceptable price for PIUs and WCUs. CarbonStore is directly involved with large numbers of transactions of all types across the UK. We therefore have an unrivalled ability to provide you with valuable advice regarding a fair price for carbon units.

CarbonStore’s partnership with Tilhill and Maelor ensures that all our carbon-related woodland schemes are managed to industry-leading standards. Tilhill is the UK’s largest forest manager with the greatest number of chartered foresters on its payroll of any organisation. The quality and resilience of trees from Maelor Forest Nurseries is unsurpassed in the UK.

As a result, CarbonStore’s woodland schemes are planted by the industry’s leading forestry company with trees from the UK’s most technically advanced nursery. They are then managed by a team with the largest pool of forestry-related knowledge in the UK. Our credentials for high standards are unrivalled.

We believe strongly that the benefits of woodland creation stretch far beyond alleviating our carbon emissions and we are very keen to help you maximise these. Accordingly, we can introduce you to a broad range of charities who would greatly appreciate your help and provide valuable advice on, for example, helping disabled people or school children to enjoy the woodland which you have helped create.

Tilhill’s forest managers have all the knowledge and experience needed to explain about the wildlife in your woods; what they eat, where they live and how they survive. We could help you capture photos or video footage of these birds and animals in their daily lives. Above all, we want to help you share the benefits of the woodland which you have helped create so that they benefit as many people as possible.


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Pending Issuance Unit: A promise to deliver a Woodland Carbon Unit during a given period, based on the trees’ predicted growth Woodland Carbon Unit: A ton of carbon dioxide which has been sequestered in a scheme verified under the Woodland Carbon Code