CarbonStore sells your carbon at an honest price to the right company allowing you to earn an income from your woodland while helping others achieve their net zero goals.

Professional from End-to-End

CarbonStore helps you maximise the price of your woodland carbon. We operate a transparent and straight-forward sales process, we market widely your woodland generated carbon units and we have extensive knowledge of the woodland carbon market.

Tilhill’s in-depth knowledge and long experience in woodland creation ensures your project will be professionally planted and skilfully managed. Maelor Forest Nurseries’ cutting-edge research, knowledge, and scale, ensures plentiful supplies of resilient, fit and healthy home-grown tree stocks.”

An Honest Price and a Positive Partnership

The sale of woodland carbon represents the start of a long-term working relationship between you and the company buying your Woodland Carbon Units. We help build a positive, constructive partnership. That way, both you and the purchaser can take pride in the outcome and everyone benefits from woodland creation.

We guide you through every step in the process. From securing a buyer for your woodland carbon credits to creating your new woodland and ensuring it is registered correctly. We can then manage that woodland to ensure it grows as predicted to secure your Woodland Carbon Credits.

We can guide you every step of the way to:


Secure a Buyer

  • We find a buyer for your carbon units.
  • We advertise your woodland scheme’s carbon units.
  • We arrange an introduction with interested parties.

Plant your Scheme

  • We help match your wishes with the Company’s
  • We secure the grant, design the scheme, procure and plant the trees.
  • We register and validate with the Woodland Carbon Code.

Completing the Transaction

  • Once the scheme is validated, you can sell your PIUs.
  • We help agree a price for the PIUs for the best value.
  • We help to legally indemnify the agreement.

Take Long-Term Care

  • Your woodland must be managed according to UK Forestry Standards.
  • Professional care is required so the trees grow as predicted.
  • Tilhill is ideally qualified to manage your woodland.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you ask us to sell your PIUs or WCUs, we market them not only on our website but through our unique contacts too. We have lists of companies keen to buy woodland carbon which, due to the growth in demand, is constantly expanding.

By maximising awareness, we increase the level of interest and the number of bids. You can then decide with which bidder you would most like to engage in further discussions.

Due to our unique partnership with Tilhill who would design and plant your Woodland Carbon Code-registered scheme, CarbonStore makes no charge for arranging the sale of your woodland carbon. As such, our suite of services provides you with an undeniably unique service, in every way. We consider this to be the best service offer currently available to landowners.

Tilhill leads the industry in woodland creation and management across the UK, providing a professional quality of service with in-depth knowledge of all types of planting projects. Our links with Maelor Forest Nurseries ensure plentiful supplies of carefully-nurtured young trees. CarbonStore’s unique, open and transparent sales process of your woodland carbon will be supplied gratis. As a landowner, you receive an indisputably better service at a markedly lower, all-in cost. And you still will benefit from the income you will enjoy from growing a woodland on your land.

When buying woodland carbon, companies have two priorities: Firstly, they want to neutralise their carbon footprint. Secondly, they want their investment to benefit wider society. This might involve tree planting days for their employees to learn more about trees, nature and the countryside.

It might include field trips for local schools, access rights for local communities or charities. They might also wish to include access rights for naturalists keen to study the wildlife in your woodland. The way they use your woodland scheme to benefit society is an important matter for discussion between you and the company to ensure you both are happy with the arrangements.

You are likely to achieve a higher price for your woodland carbon if you are willing to help the company achieve these wider societal contributions. However, many companies simply want to neutralise their carbon footprint through woodland creation in the UK. A positive and constructive long-term partnership requires these issues be discussed honestly before any agreement is signed and CarbonStore will help facilitate these discussions.

You must ensure that the trees in your woodland scheme grow up to sequester the volume of carbon which was originally predicted in the Woodland Carbon Code’s initial calculation. You must therefore commit to a long-term change in land use for the full duration of the project. You must also adhere to the management plan which was originally outlined when the scheme was validated. Finally, if you choose to sell the woodland, you must inform any future owner of these obligations which are attached to the woodland.

When your scheme is planted and validated, the PIUs associated with the scheme are available to be sold. As we explain elsewhere, PIUs represent a ’promise to deliver‘ a Woodland Carbon Unit, assuming the trees in your scheme grow and mature as they should.

If you have sold the PIUs but the trees in your scheme then die, the Woodland Carbon Unit cannot be verified and delivered to the owner of the PIU. You may then be liable to make up the shortfall by purchasing other Woodland Carbon Units from other schemes at your own expense. Tilhill, with its long, in-depth experience and extensive knowledge of woodland creation and management can help mitigate these risks.


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Pending Issuance Unit: A promise to deliver a Woodland Carbon Unit during a given period, based on the trees’ predicted growth Woodland Carbon Unit: A ton of carbon dioxide which has been sequestered in a scheme verified under the Woodland Carbon Code