CarbonStore Prize Honours Excellence in Renewable Energy

22 January 2024

Image: Left: David McCulloch, Head of CarbonStore Right: Gideon Awolola 

A graduate from Edinburgh Napier University has won the CarbonStore Top Performing Student Award for the Renewable Energy Finance and Environmental Law module within the Renewable Energy MSc. 

Gideon Awolola was recognised by the School of Engineering and the Built Environment as the top performing student and winner of the CarbonStore prize. The award, a specially carved wooden trophy along with £250 prize money, was presented by David McCulloch, Head of CarbonStore, to Gideon at the Waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh. 

On accepting the award, Gideon Awolola said,

“I feel very happy and overwhelmed for this award and I am very grateful to CarbonStore for recognizing students’ hard work and accomplishments. Also, this award is a catalyst for me, and it will inspire me to continue to strive for further excellence in my future work and endeavors as I prepare myself to give back to society. I am very grateful. 

“I enjoyed every moment I spent at Edinburgh Napier University during my MSc days. As an MSc, Renewable Energy graduate, the University environment gave me an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technology as this program often involves exploring the latest advancements in clean energy technologies which can be exciting and intellectually stimulating. 

“I am very passionate about sustainability and conservation of our environment in relation to the energy sector and my learning will contribute to addressing environmental issues alongside reducing carbon footprints. Also, Renewable Energy programs typically cover a wide range of subjects, from engineering and physics to policy and economics. This interdisciplinary approach has broadened my knowledge and has given me a well-rounded understanding of renewable energy issues to prepare me for future opportunities within the industry. The MSc program in Renewable Energy has increased my research and reading capacity which will allow me to work on projects that can have real-world applications and benefits in the future. 

“I encourage CarbonStore to keep up the good work they are doing in motivating the young talents in our society and institutions of learning as we all strive together to make our environment and the world at large a better place to live.” 

Gideon will continue his work as a Resident Engineer, carrying out Mechanical Maintenance for Higherground Consulting with plans to pursue a PhD focusing on reducing carbon footprints to create green and sustainable buildings and transport systems for our society. 

For the renewable energy module, Gideon was the top-performing student for his essay which evaluated the impact of negative externalities associated with the rise of the renewable energy sector. 

Dr. Temidayo Osunsanmi, Lecturer and Module Leader, Property Valuation, Environmental Sustainability & Building Economics at the School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment, Edinburgh Napier University commented on Gideon’s award win:  

“It is with great pleasure that I highlight the outstanding academic achievement of Mr. Gideon Awolola, who emerged as the top-performing student in the Renewable Energy Finance and Environmental Law module during the last academic session. Gideon’s exceptional dedication to his studies, coupled with his keen intellect, has set him apart as a distinguished scholar in this specialised field.  

“Throughout the course, Gideon Awolola demonstrated an exemplary understanding of the intricate intersection between renewable energy finance and environmental law, showcasing not only academic prowess but also a passion for sustainability and environmental stewardship. His commitment to excellence and his ability to navigate the complexities of this interdisciplinary module have not only earned him well-deserved recognition but also positioned him as a trailblazer in the pursuit of knowledge at our institution.  

“As I celebrate Gideon’s remarkable accomplishment, I acknowledge the significant contributions he has made to the academic community and the broader discourse on renewable energy and environmental law. His success serves as an inspiration to fellow students and a testament to the importance of dedication, intellectual curiosity, and a deep commitment to the critical issues surrounding renewable energy and environmental sustainability. “ 

As part of CarbonStore’s work to strengthen links with students, it is rewarding top performing students at leading universities which offer Masters in sustainability and environmental related subjects.  

On presenting the award to Gideon, David McCulloch, Head of CarbonStore said:

“I am delighted to be presenting Gideon with this richly deserved award. Gideon will clearly be using the fruits of his studies to bring about significant developments in environmental sustainability and, in doing so, he will also be improving the lives of millions of people. The CarbonStore Prize for Environmental Sustainability was established specifically to celebrate this sort of altruistic behaviour so I am very pleased that is has been awarded to such a worthy individual.” 

How can CarbonStore help you?

CarbonStore is the woodland carbon credit expert division of Tilhill, the UK’s leading provider of nature-based solutions and BSW Group member. CarbonStore sets industry-leading standards in Carbon unit consultancy, working with companies and landowners to offset their residual carbon emissions by utilising UK woodland creation, peatland restoration and biodiversity net gain

Please contact David McCulloch, the head of CarbonStore, personally either by email ( or by phone (07500 950832).

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