CarbonStore Rewards Outstanding Sustainability Student

7 July 2022

A Graduate from Cranfield University has won the CarbonStore Top Student Award after achieving the highest mark on the ‘Evaluating Environmental Sustainability’ module within the Environmental Management for Business MSc completed in 2019-2020.

Millie Baldwin from South Wales has won a first-of-a-kind award from CarbonStore, who set industry-leading standards in the marketing of Carbon units, working with companies and landowners to offset their residual carbon emissions by utilising woodland creation and peatland restoration.

The award, a specially carved wooden trophy along with £250 prize money, was presented by Alex MacKinnon, Carbon Project Manager at CarbonStore, to Millie at the School of Water, Energy and Environment (SWEE) prize giving ceremony at Cranfield University.

On accepting the award Millie Baldwin, Sustainability Analyst at EcoAct, said:

“I’m honestly delighted to achieve this award; the module was a particularly tough one and so getting recognition for all the hard work feels great. I also use a lot of the skills from this module in my day-to-day job, so it’s definitely a confidence boost

I chose the course because of its reputation alongside the University of Cranfield’s reputation, as well as it aligning with my passion for environmental sustainability. I loved the structure of the course and the broad range of modules.”

As part of CarbonStore’s work to strengthen links with students, it has kicked off an initiative to reward top performing students at leading universities which offer Masters in sustainability and environmental related subjects.

Alex MacKinnon, CarbonStore said:

“Millie showed dedication and hard work to achieve her Masters in challenging times. Even finishing with the highest mark on the Evaluating Environmental Sustainability module. I’m sure she will take these skills with her into an excellent career in sustainability that I know she has already started.

The industry needs many more people like Millie to face up to our environmental challenges and CarbonStore is excited to encourage and reward them.”

Dr Kenisha Garnett, Lecturer in Decision Science at the Centre for Environmental and Agricultural Informatics at Cranfield University said:

“Cranfield is delighted to be collaborating with CarbonStore in rewarding our students for their excellent performance on the Evaluating Environmental Sustainability module. Sustainability is moving further up the corporate agenda, and our Environmental Management for Business MSc course is tailor-made to prepare students for a career in this area.

The interdisciplinary nature of this course – environmental science with complimentary business management skills – equips students with the advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to critically evaluate complex environmental issues and build highly transferable skills, improving their access to a wider range of career opportunities in a highly competitive environmental sector.

Our graduates go on to design and implement environmental management and sustainability strategies in leading organisations, as Millie demonstrates – I’m so pleased to see her succeed and receive this well-deserved award.”


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