Helping you Become a Low Carbon Business

We are delighted to bring you a comprehensive guide on how businesses can offset their residual carbon emissions by harnessing the multiple benefits of planting trees in the UK.

A Carbon Source, Sink and Store: Explaining Soil Carbon

There is a lot of confusion surrounding terms such as ‘carbon sink’, ‘carbon store’ and ‘carbon source’. These three terms are neatly illustrated during a woodland’s life cycle.

The User’s Guide to the Woodland Carbon Market

CarbonStore has produced this User Guide, so all parties have a clear understanding of the terminology and the processes involved in the selling and purchasing of woodland generated carbon units.

What Exactly is CO₂e?

In practice, there are seven greenhouse gases (GHG) which the Kyoto Protocol identified as contributing to global warming. Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) is the most prevalent, accounting for 80% of GHG emissions.

Woodland Carbon Update – Sept 2021

The Number of Registered Projects Rises Steeply As a fast-evolving industry, the market for woodland carbon continues to be influenced by passing, but significant, winds. As we have noted before, interest in the Woodland Carbon Code has expanded dramatically; demand for PIUs and WCUs has increased but the number of woodlands registered with the Code […]

Webinar: Helping Sustainability Specialists Meet Net-Zero

Why Woodland Creation Should Be Part of Your Carbon Reduction Strategy as a sustainability manager or analyst

Making Carbon our Business

CarbonStore is delighted to welcome Michael Fagbohungbe to both the Tilhill and CarbonStore team. His appointment means that the Company can really dig deep into the business of carbon, starting by assessing its own ambitions towards Net Zero as well as reinforcing the CarbonStore team by providing his expert knowledge in carbon offsetting. Michael holds […]

10 Reasons Why Companies Choose CarbonStore as a Trusted Partner for Carbon Offsetting

CarbonStore presents 10 very important reasons as number one choice for carbon offsetting

Woodland Carbon Update – July 2021

Exploring a fair price for carbon transactions for woodland owner and Selco Builders'Warehouse. Looking at recent pricing trends.

New Report Examines Bog Breathing to Monitor Peatland Restoration

The report released on #BogDay used satellite technology to look at how these bogs breathe" and how it could help build a better picture of peatland conditions in Scotland.

Helping you Become a Low Carbon Business

1 January 2024

Our mission is to help businesses to harness the ability of trees to capture the balance of unavoidably released carbon as part of your net zero strategy.

We guide and support you through the process. As a business, it is important to define what benefits you want from your woodland scheme. We can help you with this. Once you know this information, you can then select a woodland from our range that best suits your needs.

CarbonStore has just launched its new Business Brochure. We are delighted to bring you a comprehensive guide on how businesses can offset their residual carbon emissions by harnessing the multiple benefits of planting trees in the UK.

Download your copy now or email and request a copy in the post:

How can CarbonStore help you?

In partnership with Tilhill, CarbonStore can help you deliver new woodland creation and woodland-based carbon mitigation projects that not only achieves the highest possible standards in carbon offsetting but also offers many widespread benefits which we can all enjoy.

Please contact David McCulloch, the head of CarbonStore, personally either by email ( or by phone (07500 950832).

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Pending Issuance Unit: A promise to deliver a Woodland Carbon Unit during a given period, based on the trees’ predicted growth Woodland Carbon Unit: A ton of carbon dioxide which has been sequestered in a scheme verified under the Woodland Carbon Code