10 Reasons Why Companies Choose CarbonStore as a Trusted Partner for Carbon Offsetting

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10 Reasons Why Companies Choose CarbonStore as a Trusted Partner for Carbon Offsetting

29 July 2021
  1. Leading the Market in Woodland-Based Carbon Offsetting 

Carbonstore is the expert in helping offset your company’s residual carbon footprint using woodland carbon credits. We offer an industry leading, professional and experienced service enabling tailored woodland carbon offset schemes to form part of your carbon reduction strategy. 

2. Clear and Transparent Pricing of Woodland Carbon Credits  

Unlike many providers of carbon offset services, at Carbonstore we believe it is important to provide complete transparency in all transactions enabling full understanding of the investment you make and what the woodland owners receive for the woodland carbon credits they issue. This not only helps accurate forecasting of costs and budgets but builds trust and understanding between buyers and sellers of woodland carbon credits too. 

3. Rigorous Adherence to the Ethics and Standards of the Woodland Carbon Code 

All our schemes fully comply with internationally recognised offsetting standards and give total confidence in the integrity and reliability of our woodland carbon credits. We operate under the Woodland Carbon Code which is backed by the UK government and endorsed by ICROA

4. Generating Carbon Credits from Healthy, Vibrant Woodlands 

The woodlands which generate our carbon credits are designed, planted, and managed by Tilhill’s skilled, professional foresters. Proper woodland management creates strong healthy trees which not only sequester carbon but also provide the ideal habitat for a vibrant wildlife population and thriving ecosystems. 

5. Offering a Broad and Varied Choice of Carbon Sequestering Woodland options 

CarbonStore is a division of Tilhill, the UK’s leading woodland and forestry management company with over 70 years’ experience creating and managing all types of woodlands. This ensures we have a strong pipeline of carbon sequestering woodlands of all types and sizes and in any location across England, Scotland, or Wales. 

6. All Our Woodlands are Grown in Britain – Trees You Can See and Touch 

Our woodlands are located exclusively in the UK. Whether you are buying carbon credits from woodlands in remote parts of Scotland or bustling corners of southern England, your decision to offset with CarbonStore helps to generate jobs and activity across Britain, to improve wildlife and ecology in our countryside and to provide peaceful havens for relaxation and reflection. 

7. Robust and Comprehensive Legal Contracts in the interests of all. 

Whether you are buying or selling woodland carbon credits, CarbonStore provides the most reliable and thorough legal contracts in the industry. By clearly outlining each parties’ responsibilities and commitments, these contracts provide the foundations for a positive and constructive long-term relationship between buyers and sellers.

8. Showcasing Your Environmental Efforts 

We want to help you to promote your company’s environmental efforts. Our legal agreements can secure signage rights at the project to highlight your involvement, photography rights to capture drone footage or access rights to hold on-site educational tours. 

9. Customised and Reliable Support and Solutions for Our Clients 

CarbonStore has all the experience, flexibility, and relationships needed to secure a woodland-based carbon offset scheme which meets our client’s specific needs. We recognise that each of our clients has different requirements. Working in partnership with a broad range of woodland owners, we can deliver an effective and reputable woodland-based carbon offset solution.  

  1.  Creating the Most Sustainable and Effective Natural Building Material 

CarbonStore, as a division of Tilhill, is part of the BSW Timber Group, the UK’s leading timber processor and forest products company. Some of CarbonStore’s offsetting schemes contain conifer trees which, having reached maturity and generated the woodland carbon credits, also provide the perfect timber for building the most sustainable homes of the future. This is ‘the sustainable timber cycle’ in action and allows us all to be part of growing our own homes. 


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Pending Issuance Unit: A promise to deliver a Woodland Carbon Unit during a given period, based on the trees’ predicted growth Woodland Carbon Unit: A ton of carbon dioxide which has been sequestered in a scheme verified under the Woodland Carbon Code